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Today is National Pretzel Day!

Monday, April 26, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Here is a twisty tasty day! Today is National Pretzel Day! Did you know?.. that pretzels date back to the 1600's when monks took dough and twisted it to look like childs hands in prayer. Interesting. Pretzels can take on many shapes, the classic twist, sticks, rods and more elaborate shapes of custom designed pretzels.

I like soft pretzels with just a little salt dipped in mustard. Yum.

I found an incredible assortment of pretzel recipes by searching foodgawker. They photos all made my mouth water.

Jamie Cooks It Up has a fabulous yeast pretzel recipe.

Blue Ridge Baker has made an incredible Mexican Hot Chocolate Pretzel. Now that is different.

Little Corner of Mine makes a pretzel recipe with different ingredients for a choice of flavored pretzels. Yum.

The Decorated Cookie - made the cutest pretzel cookies with a special cookie cutter shaped like a pretzel. You know I had to include something sweet.

Enjoy your tasty day!

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  1. jacque4u2c said...

    I love pretzels~~~~~~!!!!!

  2. Roodlyne said...

    umh pretzels! I love mine wrap in hotdog!

    Following you from follow Friday on a Monday. Yeah I'm super late

    Nice to blog you!
    I'm over at hope to see you soon

  3. Molly said...

    I also blogged today about National Pretzel Day! Feel free to come check out my blog and my very first giveaway!

  4. rose said...

    i grew up loving pretzels. my parents had a tavern and this item was always my choice of snacks.