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Warmables Lunch Pouches - Review with exclusive Discount Pricing

Thursday, April 29, 2010 Posted by Rita A

You feed your children well at home. You would like to send them to school with a great meal for lunch. Warmables has a solution for you. The Warmables For Kids Lunch Pouch.

The Warmables For Kids lunch pouch is an insulated food storage system that uses a heated cherry pits bag.

Here is how it works:
Fill the provided plastic container with food. Heat in microwave. Put the container with its hot contents into the WARMABLES pouch.
Heat the provided cherry pit bag in microwave.
Put it into the WARMABLES pouch along with the food container.
Take the sealed WARMABLES pouch and put it into your child’s INSULATED lunch box.

Simple. You can send your kids to school with a warm lunch you prepared so you know what they are eating. This is a great idea for a child that suffers from food allergies. Stay in control of the foods they are exposed to.

Warmables offers other products using the cherry pit heating idea. They have Warmables for the Office, Body Warmers, Pit Eye Mask, Neck Hugger and my personal favorite - The Everywhere Roll. Warmables was so kind to supply me with The Everywhere Roll to experience. The Everywhere Roll can be used hot or cold. To heat - place the roll in the microwave and heat on 45 second intervals until desired temperature is reached. To use cold - store in the freezer in a plastic bag for an ice pack. I love The Everywhere Roll. It is quick to heat and the heat stays for a long time. I have been using it on my neck and back for soothing warmth. It also comes with a Lavender sachet for an even more relaxing touch. Store the Everywhere Roll with the sachet and your roll will smell fabulous and calming while providing the warmth. Ahhh.

Warmables are made right here in the US with materials from the US and Canada only. Warmables mission is to bring healthier lunches to kids while benefiting the environment and the economy. By utilizing the Warmables re-usable pouches, the trash production is reduced.

You can win at Warmables! Warmables would like to keep you informed with recipes and tips as well as updates to the Warmables products. Sign up for the newsletter and you will be entered into their monthly giveaway for subscribers at Warmables.

Interested in purchasing Warmables? I have special discount pricing available for One 2 Try readers.

Warmables for Kids: $ 15.00 - save $12.95
Warmables for the Office $ 20.00 - save $17.95
Body Warmer: $ 10.00 - save $8.50
Kidding Around $ 10.00-  save $8.00
Eye Mask: $ 7.00 - save $4.95
Everywhere Roll $ 10.00 - save $8.50
Neck Hugger $ 16.00 - save $13.50
Prices do not include shipping. Shipping charges are additional.

These are incredible savings for Warmables in this one time offer just for One 2 Try readers. To take advantage of the discount contact Warmables by email with your purchase information and the One 2 Try prices listed above. Prices are good through May 15th and can only be claimed by email contact. Your invoice will be generated for you with the discount prices. Who doesn't love a bargain?

Ahhhh back to my Warmables Everywhere Roll.

Many thanks to Warmables for providing the review sample.

Disclosure: I received a gratis sample for this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.

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  1. Misty said...

    Thats so cool. My daughter is so tired of taking cold sandwiches for lunch.... makes me sad.

  2. rose said...

    Sounds like a good item.