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Dear So and So

Saturday, May 01, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Dear So and So,
You must be working, I have frightened everyone off. It was such a good week, that I found not one thing to write about. Everyone seemed to smile. I think it is the Spring weather. Maybe.....

Dear Spring Weather,
Thanks for the pollen and the sinus headaches. And what is up with all the weeds this year? Everywhere is full of the ugliest weeds ever! Our whole block looks like a wild flower field. We all need Weed n Feed. You can't even mow your lawn because it spreads the weeds to the neighbor's yard. It is out of control. I don't mind the dandelions though because my turtle eats them.

Dear Me,
I have to be nice to hubby on this Dear So and So, he made me promise not to include him because... he bought me a new computer. My old bessie was acting up and giving me fits so off we went to get a new one. Now I am running two computers. I feel like Garcia in Criminal Minds! Thanks are safe for at least this week.

Dear Electronic Store salesperson,
We bought a fancy new computer. I needed the switching devices to network two computers to one monitor and keyboard. I knew what I wanted to do and you were supposedly the electronic expert. So I get home and imagine that, I had the wrong switcher setup that you picked out and sold me. I could not set up the audio. Off I go back to the store with my incorrect part. Returned it and I found the exact right one I needed. You were still there so I asked you about it. And you politely said the part you sold me would not work. Just like that, you said "oh that won't work". When I showed you the part I found myself, amazingly it was the right one. Well Einstein, thanks for your help.

I guess I did have a little to say this week. I will be on the lookout for more so and so moments to share. Someone is bound to make the list.

Enjoy your week!

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  1. Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

    Boy, I hear you about those weeds! I keep pretending not to notice the ones in my yard, but I'd better get busy! I think I hear them conspiring to take me out!!

    Enjoy your new computer!!

  2. Christine said...

    I love the reference to Garcia. She's my hero. Not only is she a computer genius, she's a diva and a goddess. You go, girl. LOL

  3. Laura PARING DOWN said...

    Our weeds are crazy this year, too. And my allergies - don't get me started!

  4. Wendi P said...

    Your Garcia comment really made me laugh out loud. I wish I had some of her computer magic- she rocks and so do you!!!!

    Congrats on the new computer :-)

  5. Becca said...

    OMG I love Garcia...I should look into if I am caught up on Criminal Minds and rent it if I'm not!

  6. Emmy said...

    Amazing what we just have to do ourselves. It would be nice if stores would train their salespeople