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Introducing Random Recipes - New Feature!

Saturday, May 01, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Many of my readers have asked me to post more recipes. I have a ton of them. I have a lot of cookbooks, and a lot of recipe clippings. I have been saving them for years. I have old recipe boxes with recipes dating back to the 1920's. I know I have a cookbook somewhere from the late 1800's. I am intrigued by the differences in cooking from then to now. Foods change, cooking changes, tastes change, it is a virtual smorgasborg of information, almost like a culinary time capsule!

I present to you - Random Recipes. I will choose a recipe from any source I have. It could be a clipping, from a cookbook, or a recipe pamphlet. Each day it will be something different. I will choose it at random to share. Here is where it gets fun. If you have been searching for a long lost recipe or are looking for one in particular, leave a comment telling me about it. I might have it, even if I don't have it, maybe another reader has it. We could start a recipe search for you and who knows we just might find it.

My first recipe is from an old collection of recipes from a farmhouse in Oklahoma. This is the actual newspaper clipping! The collection of clippings were dated mostly in the 1940's. Here is a recipe for Good Ole Homemade Doughnuts.

Are you looking for a recipe? Leave a comment and let's try to find it for you. Enjoy the taste of nostalgia.

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  1. Kathy said...

    Great Idea, thanks!

  2. sharonjo said...

    This is going to be fun!!

  3. Christine said...

    Very cool. I have tons of recipes also. When my grandmother passed away, I somehow ended up with most of her hand written recipes. Then when my husband's grandmother passed on, his mother gave me most of her old cookbooks and recipe cards. I have recipes handed down from one generation to the next from both sides of our family.

    Can't wait to see some more of yours. :)

  4. Michelle said...

    I'm looking forward to all your great ideas!!

  5. Laura PARING DOWN said...

    I can't imagine how many pounds I would put on from making my own doughnuts.


  6. SoCalmoneysavindiva said...

    what the heck is mace? pepper spray? LOL

  7. Diane J. said...

    Awesome idea! I love that you will help with requests. I even have two requests to throw out. My grandparents were Italian. There are two items that I would be thrilled to have recipes for:
    Spaghetti sauce: I can't tell you how many recipes I've tried to recreate my grandpa's sauce. It was a meat sauce and more brown than red in color. Every time anyone in my family asked for the recipe we'd get "Oh you just throw in a little of this and a handful of that." That recipe went to the grave with them. It didn't have sugar in it - I have no idea why some scratch recipes call for sugar, ugh!

    The second recipe I can't tell you too much about, my grandpa would make Crab Japeno (it's highly likely that I mis-spelled it. But that's what it sounds like.) I would love to make that it was his special occassion recipe.

    Sorry, I'm just so happy to ask about these recipes. THANK YOU!

  8. Becca said...

    I'm glad someone else doesn't know what mace what is it????