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Love Bottle: The Reusable Glass Water Bottle - Review

Monday, May 17, 2010 Posted by Rita A

In my family we have been going more everyday to reusable products. Less throw away items and we recycle as much as possible. One of our biggest changes was with bottled water. We stopped our expensive water delivery service and opted to purchase our own water cooler and we get the bottles filled at a convenient water store. It saves us money and we are not buying the small individual bottles any longer. We use refillable water containers to take with us.

Here is one of the most unique containers I have seen. Introducing the Love Bottle. This is an all glass bottle! Glass is reusable and the Love Bottle can be filled over and over again. The Love Bottle is designed to be customized! When you feel good about the bottle you will drink more water.

Love Bottle has a wonderful mission:
To spread love
To improve health
To create a canvas for self expression
To help the environment
To get clean water to people who need it

I was amazed at the facts presented on the Love Bottle website. Did you know that if 1000 people use a love bottle instead of one 8 oz plastic bottle, our plastic bottle consumption would be reduced by 365,000 bottles a year!

The Love Bottle comes in many exciting designs. You can write on or add stickers to customize your bottle. Courtesy of Love Bottle I was sent the Dream Big Bottle with fancy wind swirls etched right in the glass. Dream Big and Never Let Go is sandblasted on the bottle. The Love Bottle seals with a watertight swing-top lid made of stainless steel, ceramic and silicone. The bottle is dishwasher safe for cleaning with is convenient. It holds 500ml (17oz). I like to fill my Love Bottle and keep it chilled for convenient garb and go when I need it. My only concern with the Love Bottle is I find myself using it more at home or leaving it in the car, because it is glass, it adds weight to carry around while out and about. I use my Love Bottle to bring from room to room with me during the day. When I need more water I just refill it. Simple.

The Love Bottle comes in a variety of sizes and designs with prices starting at $12.00. You can find Love Bottles at select retail locations or you can order directly online. Love Bottle makes a great gift!

Take a stand on no plastic water bottles and switch to the refillable reusable Love Bottle.

Many thanks to Love Bottle for providing the review sample.

Disclosure: I received a gratis sample for this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.

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  1. Flufferwuffer said...

    Sounds great! I've been searching for a good water bottle. I need to drink more liquids throughout the day! I don't know if this one would be good for bike riding, though (I ride bike to work). I would be afraid it would break!

  2. rose said...

    I, agree, don't know if I would carry it around. Would worry it would break. The weight might be an issue.Good idea for the cause, but not certain if I would use this.

  3. jomke said...

    i was just about to purchase one until i read it was made in china.