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Random Recipes - Peachy Recipe Ideas

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Today's Random Recipe is from Kraft Miniature Marshmallows. I have no idea of the date but the photos on the recipe are black and white. These are Peachy!

I think the 5-cup Salad recipe looks scrumptious.

Have a peach of a day everyone!

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  1. rose said...

    The pics look like the 40's we have books similar to this. will check this out.

  2. Amy said...

    That salad looks wonderful! And just in time for our peach season here in Texas!

  3. Nichol said...

    5 cup salad is amazing!

  4. Debbie said...

    Those look so good. Very nostalgic. Recipes like that always remind me of my childhood!