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Random Recipes - Wendy's Molasses Cookies

Thursday, May 06, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Here is a cute recipe for you today. This random recipe comes from Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Cookbook published in 1975 from Golden Book. I love this adorable cookbook. Being a big Disney Fan this is one of my favorites. It has wonderful kid friendly, family recipes as well as Disney character illustrations thoughout the entire book. It is a lot of fun to read and makes cooking fun for kids.

The recipe is Wendy's Molasses Cookies

Don't you love the Disney story characters? The whole cookbook is filled with them. It makes me happy to look at this lovely book.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Amy said...

    How cool is that? And the illustrations are wonderful. Big time Disney fan here...

  2. Jennifer said...

    I am a new follower!

  3. Becca said...

    Thats the cutest cookbook I've ever seen...and I bookmarked the recipe :)