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Say Hello to Blackberry Jam Cafe!

Monday, May 03, 2010 Posted by Rita A

I love Friday Follow for introducing me to so many wonderful blogs. One of my favorites is Blackberry Jam Cafe. Susan, the writer and the Red Head, behind Blackberry Jam Cafe is an artist. I had the pleasure of getting to work together with Susan a while back. Something about her blog draws me in. I love the colors and the meaning of Blackberry Jam Cafe.

Start with a happy Red Head from Texas; add a passion for painting and drawing, a love of books and photography, throw in a few recipes, and you've got Blackberry Jam Cafe.

Susan is also an artist. She draws portraits and does custom work. I sent her a photo of my hubby from his Olympics trip and she made a lovely mixed media portrait of him. It looks just like him and he was very impressed too. He was blushing when he saw the surprise portrait. Thank you very much Susan for making us both smile. Love it!

Stop by Blackberry Jam Cafe and say hello!

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  1. Amy said...

    Love Blackberry Jam Cafe! I've been a fan for a while now...

  2. Julee said...

    Love it. Love the talent. Love the gal. Love the blog!