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Popcornopolis - Review

Monday, August 23, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Crunchy delicious popcorn is probably one of America's Favorite snacks. Have you ever tried the gourmet flavors of Popcornopolis?

Popcornopolis takes the best popping corn and combines it with fresh, high quality ingredients, fresh sweet butter, chemical free ingredients all blended together to make a fantastic crunchy popcorn treat. From the first nibble to the last, you will find impeccable quality. They take pride in delivering the ultimate tasty popcorn snacks.

I had the pleasure of sampling a few of the wonderful gourmet flavors from Popcornopolis. Presented in the trademark Popcornopolis cones, my gift basket included 4 different spectacular flavors to taste. Five cones filled the red and white striped basket. It was overflowing!

The flavors included:
Zebra Chocolate - Two of these. Yum!
Kettle Corn
Cinnamon Toast

The Caramel corn is made with fresh butter, all American sugar, and a special blend of secret spices. The caramel is made fresh then completely coats the popcorn is golden bliss. I love the buttery flavor of the caramel. It has a real home made caramel taste. It is not too sticky but perfectly decadent in caramel taste. You can't stop eating it!

The Zebra Chocolate is scrumptious. Popcornopolis takes their fantastic caramel corn and coats it with generous drizzles of rich dark chocolate. That is not all, then it is drizzled with luscious white chocolate. The crunch of the caramel corn by itself is divine but then the chocolate sends your taste buds into flavorific overload. The Zebra Chocolate popcorn is so delicious it has been featured on the Food Network. It is addictingly good! We found ourselves picking through all the Zebra Chocolate popcorn for the pieces coated with the most chocolate. Mmmm so yummy.

The Kettle Corn is a lighter taste with the sweet and salty combination. The popcorn is big full fluffy pieces coated with a perfect blend of sugar and salt. I have always loved getting fresh kettle corn at events and the Popcornopolis flavor is the best.

The Cinnamon Toast is just like eating fresh cinnamon toast for breakfast. The buttery flavor with the cinnamon and sugar, pop a few pieces in your mouth and enjoy the richness. I loved the warm cinnamon flavor. Very tasty indeed!

Popcornopolis makes 20 scrumptious popcorn flavors. The hard part is choosing which One 2 Try. You can find Popcornopolis stores in select states or you can order directly online to be shipped to your door. They have gift baskets, 3 way party tins or create your own assortments. All sure to please the popcorn munchers in your home. You can even sign up for a Gourmet Popcorn Club to get popcorn each month. They also make caramel apples and chocolates. Those look so good.

Get your crunch on. Try Popcornopolis. One taste of Zebra Chocolate popcorn and before you know it, the cone is all gone. Better order two!

Many thanks to Popcornopolis for providing the review samples.

Disclosure: I received gratis samples for this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.

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  1. Tyne said...

    This is awesome. My boyfriend and I were at Sams Club yesterday and they were sampling it there. We got 3. Zebra, kettle, and cinamon.!

  2. barbara.montyj said...

    Oh my does that ever look good!

  3. SoCalmoneysavindiva said...

    I love their popcorn. They sell it at a couple stores, we always get some and fight over it LOL

  4. Xmas Dolly said...

    Nummers! I love popcorn so I'm definitely going to have to try this! mmmmm thanks for sharing.

  5. Ann On and On... said...

    That sounds so good and it's only 7:45 in the morning. Nice review!

  6. JDaniel4's Mom said...

    These won't last long at my house.