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You gotta eat here! Hash House A Go Go

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 Posted by Rita A

OMG. I have to tell you about this restaurant we had breakfast at in Vegas. Hash House A Go Go! The restaurant motto is Twisted Farm Food. The food is amazingly BIG! Not only is it big, it is delicious.

Hash House A Go Go has two locations in Las Vegas, one on Sahara Avenue and one inside the Imperial Palace Hotel. They also have a location in San Diego. We visited the Imperial Palace location for a later breakfast. We knew we were in for something special by the amount of crowd waiting to be seated. I first became aware of Hash House A Go Go from an episode of Man VS Food on the Travel Channel. Ever since that episode, we made it a must visit on the next trip to Vegas. It was soooo worth it.

The menu is filled with amazing, make your mouth water choices. It took my dad a long time to decide what he wanted. I had my choice immediately with the Sage Fried Chicken & Waffles. Two Sage Fried Chicken Breasts with hardwood smoked bacon waffle tower, hot maple reduction and fried leeks. Goodness stacked on a plate. It was huge and presented in a tower of food.The waffles were stacked at the bottom with the gigantic chicken breasts stacked on top all held in place with a skewer and a big knife. It was so big all three of us shared it. The chicken was cooked to perfection in a scrumptious sage coating, it was melt in your mouth moist. The waffles had the bacon baked right in the batter. The bacon pieces were sticking out the sides of the waffles with even more bacon crumbles mixed in. The hot maple syrup blended everything together to be an ultimate breakfast. The portion was so large, even after we shared, we still had plenty to take out.

My dad chose a famous house hash dish of Corned Beef, red onions and swiss cheese which came with crispy potatoes & topped w/ 2 eggs, served with fruit and biscuit. Again it was huge! The Hash came served in a full size skillet. Dad's eye were as big as the skillet when he saw his breakfast! It was so great to see the tasty smile on his face as he dug into the hash. Priceless.

Mom's choice was on the sweet side. She opted for the Andy's famous Bread pudding topped w/ ice cream and served w/ a cup of coffee. Great choice! The bread pudding is freshly made daily. This was not a small serving of bread looked as big as a small casserole dish, topped with about 3 average scoops of vanilla ice cream. The bread pudding was a rich chocolate bread pudding. The flavor was a chocolate lovers dream. So warm and hot with the cool ice cream. YUM! We placed the bread pudding in the middle of the table so we all could share the delightful dish. I know all three of us were doing the happy chocolate dance. At one point, my dad moved the bread pudding closer to his plate so he could dig in even more. I am now craving the bread pudding as I write this. MMMMmmmm so good. All of the dishes were so incredible tasting and large in size that we had plenty to take with us. We left with very full tummies. We could have ordered just one meal for all 3 of us but where is the fun in that? If you do share a meal at Hash House, they do charge an extra plate charge of $2.50 but here is a tip...order a small side dish for less than the $2.50 and you will have the extra plate. It was a lot of fun to watch the meals go to other tables while we waited. Everything looked so tempting. The pancakes are huge, bigger than the plate. See for yourself - take a glance at the menu. Insert Drool!

Hash House A Go Go serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. I highly recommend going for breakfast. There may be a wait but it is so worth it. Prices are moderate, but when you think of the amount of food you are getting the price becomes very reasonable. The service was outstanding too! Everyone, no matter how busy they were, was extremely friendly with lots of smiles.

I already have another trip booked for Vegas in a few weeks and you can bet I will be at Hash House A Go Go. If you are in Vegas and looking for big flavors and big portions, consider Hash House A Go Go. Your tummy will thank you. Hash House A Go Go is definitely One 2 Try!

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  1. Meeko Fabulous said...

    Love this place! There's one in San Diego too. We always try and make it when we visit Vegas. :)

  2. SoCalmoneysavindiva said...

    Ahhh I just got back from Vegas LOL I will have to go again now to try it out. Thanks for the info!