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We are melting!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Goodness. Did we get hit the the hottest ever heat wave for the past few days. Yesterday in Los Angeles, the temperature broke all time records since the beginning of recording. It reached a whopping 113 degrees in downtown LA.

I am closer to the beach in Orange County, about 9 miles from the coast, so you think we would have a bit of a cooler temperature. Not so. The max temp reached 108 degrees in my city yesterday! The sun is so intense, that we could not even stay in the pool for very long. This has been going on since Friday with a slight cool down starting to come in the next few days.

We are melting. It is so hot that several cities have opened cooling centers for folks to get out of the heat. I made a trip to Walmart just to get in the AC for a spell. Everyone had the same idea. Walmart was packed with people just trying to get cool. I have no AC in my home. Never needed it by the coast. If it is super hot again today, I am going in my RV and using its AC. Waking up this morning we find the heat is already in the 80's. Because we have had such an unusually mild summer, we are just not used to this heat. To hit us all at once it is very uncomfortable.

Here is the really awful part, when the heat gets so high, our power grid gets maxed out too. We had record electricity use yesterday and it fried some area transformers. Now they have no power at all in many areas. Oh that is bad.

Today the forecast is slightly cooler, about 5 degrees, but the humidity went up which makes is more sticky feeling. It is like Laughlin hot! I think the hottest temperature I have ever been in - was in Laughlin at 117 degrees. We almost reached it here.

Funny thing about all this heat. The ice cream sales are booming. My grocery store freezer was the busiest place in the store. I myself even made root beer floats last night for something refreshing. You got to eat the ice cream fast though. The weather folks are saying just a few more days and we should break this heat wave. Good thing because we are melting! Hubby is complaining so much about the heat. I am thinking I will get an big ice block for him to sit on, but then he might get brain freeze!

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  1. Crisc @ Jus Keep Smiling said...

    I am FREEZING my butt of here in's 62 degrees in my house right now and 52 degrees outside and raining

  2. Kelsey said...

    Yes, I'm in inland San Diego, and we hit a sweltering 112 yesterday. It's cloudy this morning, so maybe some thunder will rumble today if we are lucky and give us a little bit of rain. I haven't been outside yet, but it looks warm!! :)
    Stay cool!

  3. Darlene said...

    Whew! That is hot! After several days in the 90's, we're down in the 50's! brrrr. Whatever happened to a nice gradual cool down?

  4. sweetsue said...

    I feel for you and hope you get some relief soon.

  5. sharonjo said...

    Oh dear--I can't imagine temps like that with no air conditioning. No wonder you're eating ice cream!!

  6. JDaniel4's Mom said...

    I wish I could send you our weather. It was perfect today.

  7. Aries said...

    It is the raining season in Kuala Lumpur. Thunder storm almost everyday, besides getting wet, the air now a days are cooling, day and night.

  8. Kel said...

    We hit the 100's again in VA a few days ago, but day I sent the kids to school in 57 degree weather. Much nicer!

  9. Becca said...

    I'm so glad it is finally starting to cool's still too hot for my taste during the day though!