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Where have I been?

Monday, September 27, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Hi Everyone! It feels good to be back. I really needed that little break. So what was I doing? Well lots of things that needed attention but one of the main events was a quick 3 day, two night RV trip. My hubby and I finally fulfilled a dream of ours. We recently bought an RV. We decided to take a stay on the coast. We had a lot of fun figuring out all the goodies in our motor home. Camping is something we have always liked to do, but RVing is camping on a different level. I have my own shower in my coach! I have a mini kitchen with a fridge, a microwave and even an oven! Being in the RV is not like tent camping.

So we packed up the dogs and took our little trip down in the Newport Beach area at Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort. This place was a lot of fun. It was right on the marina with a lovely walk around the boats and the beach. The resort had everything. A pool, market, cottages and bicycles to rent. Being our first adventure in the RV we wanted to go someplace local just to get the hang of everything. This was the perfect place for us. We had a lovely space with a big shade tree over the RV. Our RV is a type C (mini motor home). We were among amazingly opulent motor coaches. Some of the rigs surrounding us had outdoor entertainment centers that popped up from the sides of them. They were watching Sunday Football outside the coaches with full bars and more! One of the best parts of the trip was getting a glance at all the huge coaches. We love our little one and it is the perfect size for us, but being in the middle of those opulent coaches, we felt ours was a dingy boat in the middle of yachts! That is okay, ours fits our personality perfectly. It sure was a lot of fun. It was a good first time learning experience to find out what we need to bring, or what to leave behind. The one thing I missed, we did not have a fire pit to make s'mores. I even brought the stuff to make them. Next trip, we will bring our own portable fire ring just in case. We are looking forward to our next road adventure.

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  1. lfhpueblo said...

    Looks like fun. I haven't been to a marina or beach in too long too remember.

  2. Darlene said...

    What a nice way to spend the weekend!

  3. Stephanie said...

    My husband and I were always die-hard tenters, wilderness campers, etc... Then one year, we went camping with about 7 other families who all had travel trailers or RVs and we started seriously considering buying a trailer. We bought a little 17 foot to start and travelled around, but now we are parked seasonally in a great campground and have since upgraded to our third trailer, a 42 foot park model with three tip-outs that we adore. It makes coming home Sunday night very difficult.

    Enjoy all your camping fun!!!

  4. Jessica Warrick said...

    Wow it sounds like yall had lots of fun.

  5. Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

    Love little getaways like that. Newport Dunes is very nice and you are so right, camping in an RV is the only way to go. We purchased a travel trailer right before we had kids. I knew I was not going to be doing anymore tent camping once I got pregnant. We are thinking of selling it to get a motorhome similar to what you have.

    So enjoyable!