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Hot for the Holidays: J&D's Bacon Jones Soda Gift Pack - Review

Saturday, November 13, 2010 Posted by Rita A

Here is a very unique gift for the bacon lover in your family. Come on I know you have one. It is probably the guys! My hubby loves anything bacon.

Two guys who think everything should taste like bacon are Justin and Dave of J&D's Foods. I am amazed at the newest and tastiest bacon products they are always creating.

For this holiday season J&D's has teamed up with Jones Soda to make a new Bacon flavored soda. Yes you read that correctly - Bacon Flavored Soda! That is not all, for the first time ever, after many requests from devoted bacon fans, - Bacon Gravy! For those popcorn lovers, now you can have Cheddar BaconPOP, a cheesy bacon flavored microwave popcorn. YUM.

I love the great bacon products from J&D's. I have had the opportunity to review Bacon Salt and Baconnaise, which is so good! I have featured some of the newer products such as the Bacon Ranch and Bacon Flavored Envelopes. I can imagine the bacon wheels turning in the minds of Justin and Dave. Not only are the products unique in baconess, they are filled with flavor and fun. You just can't beat bacon!

The Bacon Gravy is scrumptious. The mix is easy to make in a saucepan with one cup water per package. We tried it over biscuits with eggs for a bacony breakfast. It is creamy, thick and trust me you will want more! The Cheddar BaconPOP - I have one word for this - ADDICTING! Wow I think it is one of the best microwave popcorn flavors ever! The salty bacon flavor blends so well with the cheese. It is a good thing my hubby was not home when I made it because I know it would have been gone in a flash before I got to taste it. Seriously I am buying more Cheddar BaconPop! 

The final new product I have saved for last. The Jones Bacon Flavored Soda. I am a little intimidated to try it. Bacon in a Bottle is what the label says. My first sip....yep it is like liquid bacon. It is a truly unique taste. It is salty like bacon but with a slight sweetness of soda. I can't honestly say I would ever drink a six pack, but it was worth trying to see what it was all about. Not bad.

For your bacon lover J&D's created a special gift pack. The J&D's Bacon Jones Soda Gift Pack comes with:
* Two Bottles of Bacon Soda
* One bag of Cheddar BaconPOP
* One packet of J&D's Country Style Bacon Gravy
* J&D's Bacon Lip Balm

All that great bacon stuff for only $9.99 plus shipping of course. Talk about a super unique gift! It's Bacon! Don't stop there, once you try the scrumptious BaconSalt or Baconnaise, and oh my the Cheddar BaconPOP, your tastebuds will be cravin the bacon! Order directly from J&D's online. Fill those stockings with the world's most recognized flavor Bacon! Now if only they would make Bacon Chocolates!

Many thanks to Justin of J&D's for providing the review samples.

Disclosure: I received gratis samples for this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.

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  1. Jackie said...

    Now that my kids are teens, it's hard to find "fun" things to put under the tree for them. I may order this for my daughter...she loves bacon. Last year I bought her band-aids that looked like bacon...everyone in school loved them! She is in high Thanks for the review!