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Food Network: My wish list! - Review

Monday, December 20, 2010 Posted by Rita A

I love watching the Food Network. I only wish I were as good a cook as those featured. I have my favorite shows. I love to watch the Food Network Challenge and anything with Guy Fieri in it. If you have a favorite show or want to cook like the pros - you can find all types of cooking items from the Food Network.

Shop by your favorite Food Network Host or by Food Network Show as well as by category or brand. I have a nice wish list going for many faves I hope to find in my stocking this year. Please Santa bring me the Food Network goodies!

I love browsing the wide selection of items. Take a look at the budget friendly gifts under $30. Maybe you need an idea for Stocking Stuffers sure to please any home cook.

A couple of my favorite items:
Tomato Veggie Tote by Rachael Ray
Sweetheart Rose Pan by Nordic Ware

My Must have on my wish list is the Butter Skillet Set by Paula Deen. I love the sunny yellow butter color and I sure could use new skillets! The Skillet Set does come in more colors to match any kitchen decor. My kitchen walls are buttery yellow so these skillets are the perfect choice. I like the two sizes for convenient cooking as well as the nonstick surface. I could make some great omelets in my new Butter Skillets. Thanks Paula Deen!

I have the Giant Cupcake Cake Pan by Wilton. It makes a super fun cupcake shape cake. It is a lot of fun to decorate your giant cupcake. Here it is next to my jumbo size mug! it is HUGE! You can decorate it any way you like! It makes the party fun!

You can find many cooking items and gifts from the Food Network. Make your budding chefs happy in the kitchen. They will feel just like the pros at Food Network.

Disclosure: I received a gratis gift certificate for this review. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.

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  1. Jessica said...

    My girls have been begging for the cupcake pan! I think that they think, that if we make "cupcakes" with that, they will each get one! lol