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New Facebook Rules Regarding Giveaways

Wednesday, December 08, 2010 Posted by Rita A

I like to post my blog information on Facebook and have been using it much more lately for my home account too. Facebook recently revised the rules on "promotions". Click here to read the new terms on Facebook. Here is a link to an explanation of terms in plain english for us bloggers.

You should not see any difference with one exception. The gray area is using the term "giveaways" when they really are sweepstakes, (a chance to win something by random draw). From what I hear on some community forums, Facebook is watching closely to make sure all guidelines are followed. Failure to follow the guidelines has the consequence of losing your Facebook account.

Will this affect my giveaways? Only slightly. From now on my giveaways will be titled as giveaway sweepstakes. It is a simple addition to keep me compliant with Facebook policies until further notice.

*** Update - To prevent any confusion as most blogs run under the title giveaway, I decided to stick with the same. Using sweepstakes opens more complicated legal terms. ***

I also enter a lot of sweepstakes and share them on my Facebook account. I would love to spread the word to more of you so please sign up for my Facebook Home Page. I would be happy to have you. Let's enter some great sweeps!

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  1. Becca said...

    I wonder why fb changes their giveaway rules so often. And I friend requested you! :)