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One of a Kind Gift Idea: Priority Bracelet - Review

Tuesday, December 21, 2010 Posted by Rita A

It is almost time to make those New Year's Resolutions. There has been countless times have I made the same resolution to only forget it in a few weeks or months! This year I have an incredibly stylish way to prioritize my life. Introducing Priority Bracelet. A Life Planner for Your Wrist!

At Priority Bracelet you design a bracelet (or necklace, pin, earrings) that depict what's important to you or the person you are giving it to. We assemble it as per your instructions. You can design a piece of jewelry that

■ inspires
■ encourages
■ recognizes milestones
■ shows gratitude

These bracelets are so packed with meaning that they help strengthen relationships and change lives. That's why we call it A Life Planner for your Wrist.

The premise of Priority Bracelet is to think of your priorities and share them as a charm on a beautiful reminder bracelet. Wearing your Priority Bracelet provides a visual reference to your thoughts and keeps you on track. reminding you of what is important. It is inspiration on your wrist!

I recently had the fabulous opportunity to create my own Priority Bracelet. Deb at Priority Bracelet is a gem of a person to offer such a wonderful bracelet. Thanks very much Deb, I will cherish this bracelet and its meaning for a long time to come!

My bracelet took a bit of thought. I amazed myself at how easy my priorities came to me. First I put my mind into my goals for the new year and then searched for the perfect charms to match those ideas. My bracelet came together easily and when it was finished I felt a sense of completeness in where I am in my life and what I hope to accomplish.

Here are my charm choices and thoughts behind each one:

Integrity - Stay true to myself and ideals
Dog - Play more with my pups
Health - My #1 goal this coming year - get in shape and stay there (lose the blogger butt)
Live Love Laugh - Everyday to the fullest
Teapot - Take time for friends - Stop to share a cup of tea
Apple Pie - Stay as sweet as....
Sneaker - Get more exercise (goes with Health)
I Love My Husband - Tell him and show him everyday (lots more hugs)
Computer - Grow my blog and social media prescence (changes are coming)
Man in the Moon - Reach for my dreams
Camper - Get out more into nature (yes leave the computer behind) 
Donkey - Stay away from Jack A**es (or at least not let them bother me)

It all works for me. It is me and what I am striving for in the coming year and beyond!

Ordering from Priority Bracelet is a lot of fun. There are more than 800 charms to choose from. Everything from animals, hobbies, school, travel, letters and many more! The prices are reasonable from very inexpensive to higher priced. The detail of the charms grabs your attention. Each charm is so precious. You can choose a variety of bracelets to place your charms on. I chose the very interesting Circle Square Bracelet in Sterling Silver. There are many styles available. You choose the charms, you choose the bracelet - each creation is one of a kind designed by you! How cool is that!

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Think about yours or a loved ones priorities, goals or milestones. Create a Priority Bracelet as a personal very thoughtful gift! I know I am looking forward to the new year, wearing my goals on my wrist. This could be my best year ever!

Many thanks to Deb at Priority Bracelet for providing the review sample.

Disclosure: I received gratis sample(s) for this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.

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