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2011 Off to a bumpy start.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011 Posted by Rita A

I am so looking forward to 2011. My hubby says it is going to be a lucky year as his lucky number is 11.

I am excited for some things coming up this year.

More travel in our RV, new places to visit and write about.

I am concentrating on my health.

I am cleaning out our home of clutter.

As for the blog - I am making the move to wordpress pretty soon with a whole new look too! That is going on behind the scenes at this very moment.

I am also attending my very first BlogHer convention this summer. I am looking forward to meeting many of the bloggers and more.

My friendships are important to me and I will take the time to connect more.

It is all looking good and exciting!

We had a little bump in our 2011 goodness when our dog Pepper developed a skin reaction to something and off the vet we went. She got a few meds and is wearing a cone on her head to keep from licking the med off. She should be okay in a week or so. She is not having fun in her cone.

We discovered a leak in our RV with all the days of rain just passed. At least the leak is over the shower so no water damage any where else. It is now on the list to be fixed.

Bummer - we did not win the Mega Millions lottery. I know that my millions are around the corner somewhere. I just can't find the right corner! I did have a $3 winner. Woo Hoo, I can get some taco's at Jack in the Box for Hubby! He loves those.

Here is looking forward to our Lucky 2011.

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