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Acacia : Get fit in 2011 - Review

Thursday, January 06, 2011 Posted by Rita A

If you are like me, the most common New Year's resolution is better health. This year my get fit goal is my number one priority! I can use all the help I can get.

Acacia wants you to get FIT with Acacia. Acacia believes in Body, Spirit, Home. With their extensive line of Fitness DVD's plus Activewear and Accessories, finding the perfect workout you will stick to is easy.

Acacia Fitness DVD's categories include:
Abs and Core
General Fitness
And much more.

To help me get started on my fitness quest, Acacia was so kind to send me a few varied titles of Fitness DVD's. Being the beginner that I am to most of the intense workouts provided, I have to ease into the programs as I get stronger and more fit.

Fit In 5: Total Body Tone - provides five 20 minute workouts
Restore energy
Easy to Follow Pilates

I liked the total package of Fit in 5. It is pretty intense and I felt this dvd is much more suited for a person in decent shape to further your fitness. It was a little difficult as a beginner, but I am looking forward to using it when I am at a better fitness level.

For a fun and exciting routine I really enjoyed the Hemalayaa: Bollywood Boogie Workout. Three 15 minute Dance-inspired workouts. It is fun to dance to the upbeat bhangra beats. The instructor Hemalayaa is enjoyable in personality. The dances are quick and flirty. She really knows how to move those hips! Moving to the music makes you forget you are getting a workout! With workouts titled Goddess & Inifusion, Hero & Heroine and Boogie All Around, you know you are in for some sexy and fun workout time. I wish my hips moved like that.

A second DVD from Hemalayaa is the Bollywood Party Workout. Here you get two 20 minute dance workouts. I really enjoyed the Wedding Party workout. It gets you moving as if you are attending a family event. Less sultriness and more overall moving. The House Party workout, As Hemalayaa describes it, is for when you are alone in your home with the music loud. Here you can release your wildness. Each workout can be done by trained dancers or beginners such as myself. You will tone and tighten to the infection beats of Bollywood. Love them!

Keeping Fit: Strength, Cardio, Pilates (3-pack) This DVD set is perfect for those of us in our 40's and beyond. Using he strength training and cardio will get those muscles and metabolism on the fast track. Pilates is also featured for muscle tone. I liked the easy format of Keeping Fit. The instructor Andrea Metcalf is calm while explaining the moves. I am new to Pilates so I was a little less coordinated in the moves but with more practice I think I can get it. The one good thing is she can't laugh at me and I can always rewind the DVD to get it just right.

My favorite of the Fitness DVD's provided by Acacia is the Strong Body, Fit Body. Erin O'Brien created a circuit workout. Each circuit is a brief 7 minutes in the workout. The workout includes a warmup, three circuits, from the top. floor work and a cool down. She is inspiring on this DVD. With just 7 minutes at a time I can easily keep up with the workout. All you need is a set of handweights. This is one I can really stick with because I like the brief circuits. I can find 7 minutes of time through out the day to do another circuit or combine them all at once. Fabulous!

Acacia offers just what you need for home fitness. Check out the Fitness Home section for Daily Workout videos plus the workout selector.

You can purchase DVD's, Fitness apparel and home items to help you in your health goals and make you feel beautiful while getting there. The fashions are gorgeous! Order online directly from Acacia or visit the's Acacia store.

Connect with Acacia

Keep those health goals in 2011. With the fitness DVD's and fashions from Acacia, you have the tools be as fit as you have always wanted.

Many thanks to Acacia for providing the review DVD's.

Disclosure: I received gratis DVD sample(s) for this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.

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    This is something that I need but just thinking about it makes me tired:) Just kidding - thanks for the info!