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Blog move delayed due to snow!

Monday, January 10, 2011 Posted by Rita A

I live in Sunny Southern California. As mentioned a few days ago I am moving my blog to wordpress. The move was supposed to start today and continue for the next few days.

I have been delayed - DUE TO SNOW! Seriously snow! Not snow here in Southern Cal but where my designer lives in Georgia - she already has 6 inches of snow with ice and more snow on the way. It is all over the internet and news about the nasty storm headed to the South. Apparently it is the worst snow storm in over 10 years, expected to last a few days. Anticipating travel issues and power problems my move to wordpress has been postponed. Who knew I would be delayed due to snow? I think that is kind of funny coming from Southern California. We are in the midst of cool winter weather too - we are at a chilly 60 degrees and we are all freezing at that temperature. Brrrrr.

That's okay Angie - Stay safe and warm! We can get started soon enough when the storm passes. Most likely it will be next week. Stay tuned everyone!

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  1. Eclipsed said...

    I've been thinking of switching to wordpress myself. Let me know how the transition goes for you.