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Do you Groupon?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Posted by Rita A

Here is a great way to find One 2 Try in your city at super savings prices. Groupon! It is pretty cool the way it works. It is Collective Buying. When you sign up for a free membership based on your city location, you will get an email detailing the deal of the day. Each deal is only good for a limited time. When enough people purchase the deal, the deal is activated and good for everyone! There are lots of cities available and you can search for other cities like Las Vegas if you happen to be traveling. I am signed up for the Orange County location and I can't wait to see the exciting deals. I recently purchased a bakery deal and a restaurant deal. I never would have tried the bakery before the Groupon deal. Over 1400 deals were sold for the bakery. That is a lot of cookies! Groupon may offer restaurants, beauty services, gym visits and much more. More and more businesses are jumping on the Groupon wagon too. They have even offered a Hot Air Ballon ride with lunch for $99 in the past. What a fun way to find new things to try! I am hooked on Groupon and I look forward to each days deal. Sign up today for fun savings in your city. There are many cities currently in Groupon, check for yours and join. It's free to sign up and you might find a deal you can't pass up. They are adding new locations all the time.

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