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Doggie Couture Shop Celebrates my Fonzie's 1st Birthday!

Friday, January 07, 2011 Posted by Rita A

My pup Fonzie will be 1 year old next week. He is a chihuahua dachshund mix and boy did we have a trying year with this little guy. Two days after we brought him home he developed Parvo and was hooked up on IV's at the vet for a few days and lots of meds afterwards. He pulled through. Then we found out he is allergic to a few vaccines and swelled up like a balloon on his little leg. More meds - simple benadryl for this one. He also decided to try and catch a bee, you guessed it he got stung and his face was a balloon instantly. A trip to the vet and more benadryl plus observation for other effects.

Training was a disaster. We enrolled in puppy school for 7 weeks. He flunked. Not only that, being in school made him agressive towards other dogs because a small little fluff ball kept trying to get him. He was ruined by public education we always say. It is a wonder why I love him so much. Once he looks at me then rolls over for belly scratches, I am a goner. Yes I spoil him all the time. My other dog too!

Happy Birthday Fonzie!

Doggie Couture Shop was so kind to help us celebrate his birthday. No birthday is complete without cake and ice cream so he got the cutest stuffed ice cream cone dog toy and an adorable birthday cake cookie!

The Ice Cream Cone came from the Food Plush Toys selection. They are the cutest! Here you can find Cosmuttpolitan and Muttgarita drinks, super detailed birthday cake toys, Puptron Silver plush bottles, and plush drumsticks in various sizes and many more adorable toys. The Ice Cream cone we got is the Chewy Garcia with bright pink ice cream and a cherry on top! Fonzie loves it! It is funny to see him carry it around. It actually makes me want ice cream.

The Birthday Cake Cookie is from healthy ingredients that dogs love. Peanut butter and whole wheat flour blended with other organic ingredients. The cake is frosted with Happy Birthday! Okay so this cookie was gone in a flash. Fonzie was so kind to share with our other dog Pepper and she licked all the frosting off her piece first. Before I knew it the cookie was history. It must have been very tasty. I did not even get to sing Happy Birthday it was gone so fast. The cookies are baked to order for freshness.

Doggie Couture Shop is a dog lovers dream. They are the authorized retailer of Designer Brand Names for dogs. Here you will find tons of stylish dog products. If dogs had credit cards I am sure they would be shopping here all the time. The clothing is precious and they do have a variety for the different seasons and holidays. Right now the Valentine's Day products are featured. Fonzie said he wants the Heartbreaker Tattoo Tank! So Cute! Show your furry friend some love with Valentine's gifts from Doggie Couture Shop.

You can find all types of items for your furry best friend(s). I love browsing the Sale section. Apparel in fun fancy styles, travel items, blankets, toys, bowls, the list is amazing. I sure had a blast browsing the shop. It is a good thing dogs don't have credit cards, there is so much to get.

Take a moment and browse the fun selections at Doggie Couture Shop. It is tailwaggin fun! The prices are reasonable. The selection is fantastic! It is truly Doggie Couture!

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  1. Tamara B. said...

    He is a cutie and love the ice cream cone :)