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Guardsman: Furniture Care Products - Review

Friday, January 14, 2011 Posted by Rita A

You could say my home decorating style is Early American Lived In. There is not a designer feel to my home at all. It is a warm and comfortable place. We have the pieces of useful furniture we need, mostly in a light wood color.

To help take care of my functional furniture, I had the opportunity to use the furniture care products from Guardsman. Guardsman has been caring for wood furniture since 1915.

Currently they offer a full line for all your furniture care needs including:
Fabric Care
Wood Care
Leather Care
Mattress Care
Automotive Fabric and Leather Care
I never realized how beautiful my dining room table could be. Using the Guardsman cleaners was easy to bring out the beauty. First I used the Wood Cleaner for deep cleaning. This amazing cleaner does the trick to remove dirt, grease and oil from the wood. It was easy to apply, simply spray on a soft cloth, I used the Guardsman applicator cloths for extra care, then wipe with the grain. Wipe the wood dry. I glanced at my cloth and boy did this do a great job of cleaning. I am not saying my table was dirty but Guardsman Wood Cleaner sure brought out some yuck. Now with a clean table I applied the Guardsman Wood Polish. There are no waxes or abrasives in the Wood Polish. Using the same technique as the cleaner, the wood polish left a nice clean shine. My table was so beautiful I removed the tablecloth and purchased place mats instead. It really brightened up the dining room. I have been using the wood cleaner and wood polish all around my home. Our computer office with two desks was next. It is mind boggling how much dust and dirt the monitors and the computers seem to attract. The Guardsman wood cleaner did the trick to remove what seems like years of work area gunk. The wood polish did such a nice job, I actually cleared my desk off. That's right no papers anywhere - for how long who knows but the shine is gorgeous.

In cleaning I did notice a few scratches in the wood. Guardsman does offer help for those little scratches. The Furniture Touch-Up Markers help hide those blemishes. Start with the light color marker, apply with the direction of the grain, then remove excess dye with a cloth. you may have to repeat the process a few times for the desired result. If the scratch needs to be darker you step to the medium color marker then the dark marker if needed. Allow the dye to set for a few minutes then polish. It really works! I repaired a scratch right in the middle of my desk that always bugged me. It is barely noticeable now and I don't have to cover it with papers.

Now that my desk was clean for an inviting work area, I turned my attention to my big leather desk chair. Guardsman Leather Clean & Renew Wipes did the trick quickly. Followed by the Leather Protector Wipes, my chair looks brand new!

Whether you have a home filled with designer high quality furniture or like me, living in a comfort zone, Guardsman Furniture Care wants to treat your furniture special. Guardsman offers tips for furniture care on the website too!

To Purchase: You can purchase Guardsman products directly online. Wood Care, Fabric Care and Leather Care all at very reasonable prices. Get the best out of your furniture. Trust it to Guardsman.

Many thanks to Guardsman for providing the review samples.

Disclosure: I received gratis sample(s) for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. The opinions above are my own. Others experience may vary.

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